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d-pro-logoUntil we all gather once again at Camp Barstow in April of 2017, there are a wide variety of ways to become involved with the promotional efforts for the 65th anniversary Dixie Fellowship hosted by Muscogee Lodge. We’re counting on you to spread the word that this will be an event to remember and one that shouldn’t be missed. Join us and together, we can ensure that this is the largest Dixie Fellowship in our section’s history!

D-PRO | Dixie 2017 Thematic Package (Google Drive)

About Camp Barstow: Camp Barstow Resources & Information

Become a D-PRO Ambassador: D-PRO Ambassador Resources

Social Media

These humorous images will help encourage youth Arrowmen in your lodge to attend the Dixie Fellowship! Brace yourself, laughter is coming.

Through this, you can add the 2017 Dixie Fellowship as an event in Google Calendar!

This is the ultimate resource for those individuals who send out emails to the lodge via LodgeMaster. Find great promotional email templates in this folder!

Here about the extraordinary experience only Dixie offers from someone personally and find numerous testimonials from leaders all across the section and nation!

If you’re in charge of communications for your lodge, this is the folder for you! Find historical information as well as tools for newsletters here.

In charge of your lodge’s website? This is the place for you! In this folder, we have graphics, sample website posts, countdown clocks, and much more!

Posters & Flyers
Get your brothers excited with this library of awesome posters & flyers. Check it out!

Business Card
Lodge leaders, need something to pass around at events? Try our promotional business card!

Get out there and share an invitation with our newest brothers who have never experienced the Dixie Fellowship before!

“Invite a Brother” Campaign
One of the major themes of D-PRO is our “Invite a Brother” campaign. We challenge each person who has attended before and is coming again to bring another newcomer along!

Busy with schoolwork or catching up on a new novel? Use our bookmark so you always have Dixie on your mind!

You’ve got mail! Spread the word with our special postcard.

Relive the memories of the past with our photo-reel!

PowerPoint Presentation
Looking for just the right presentation to promote Dixie? We’ve got you covered!

Get the word spread far and wide with a promotional brochure!

Elevator Pitches
Only have a few minutes to convince a brother to attend Dixie? Try out one of our elevator pitches!

Tent Cards
The perfect necessity for any lodge event to promote Dixie!

Graphics & Videos