Meet the Coordinators

Service Lodge Coordinator

Josh Butts

Muscogee Lodge

About Josh: An active leader in Muscogee Lodge and someone who is thrilled about the opportunity for Dixie to be hosted at Camp Barstow in 2017, Josh Butts will do an excellent job as the Service Lodge Coordinator to plan Dixie with the rest of Muscogee’s leadership and the Council of Chiefs.

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Administration Coordinator

Harrison Flowers

Santee Lodge

About Harrison: Returning this year as the Administration Coordinator, Harrison Flowers will build on his previous experience and looks forward to bringing creative, new innovations to the Section this year.

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American Indian Events Coordinator

Taylor Everard

Unali’yi Lodge


About Taylor: After serving as the Section Secretary, Taylor Everard is returning this year to lead the Section’s American Indian Affairs program at Dixie – an area he has much expertise and passion for.

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Program Coordinator

Alex Jernigan

Unali’yi Lodge


About Alex: He has served as Unali’yi’s Lodge Chief for two years and during those years, the lodge received numerous recognitions including receiving the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and Lodge of the Year Award multiple times in a row. An Arrowman who is passionate about Quest Events and all of the unique activities that distinguish Dixie, Alex is fully prepared to serve as Program Coordinator.

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Training Coordinator

Alex Summers

Skyuka Lodge


About Alex: This humble and spirited Skyuka Chief brings a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experience to the table. As the next Training Coordinator, Alex looks forward to bringing new innovations and creative solutions in the upcoming year. 

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Ceremony Events Coordinator

Pierce Asaad

Tsali Lodge


About Pierce: As the previous Program Coordinator and Chief of a lodge famous throughout the country for its outstanding American Indian Affairs program and ceremonies, Pierce is fully prepared to move forward as the next Ceremonies Coordinator.

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Special Events Coordinator

Thomas Colton

Eswau Huppeday Lodge


About Thomas: Passionate about American Indian Affairs and everything unique that happens within the Section, Thomas Colton is thrilled to serve as the  Special Events Coordinator. In this position, he looks forward to spreading the word more than ever before about the Carolinas Indian Seminar, AIA Powwow Week, and other local events. 

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Shows Coordinator

Jakob Helderman

Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge


About Jakob: A spirited leader of Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge, Jakob Helderman brings a lot to the table as the new Shows Coordinator. This year, he will work with Section SR-9 and his contacts throughout the country such as Coosa Shows to make this Dixie Fellowship’s shows the best yet. In fact, he is in charge of planning the closing show at NEXT this summer!

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Associate Coordinator

Carter Harwell

Bob White Lodge


About Carter: A past Lodge Chief of Bob White, this leader is willing to help wherever he can. He will play an integral role by keeping in communication with each Coordinator, promoting OAHA and NLS, and serving as a personal liaison for Section Chief Matthew Watson. In the scenario that a Coordinator is unable to attend the Dixie Fellowship, Carter will step in to serve in their place.

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