General Information

Click here for the 2017 Dixie Fellowship Guidelines.

The SR-5 Council of Chiefs gathered at Camp Barstow on November 12th. Click here to view the minutes, recorded by Section Secretary Stuart Park.

Join us and celebrate with brothers in the section as we gather to celebrate 65 years of the Dixie Fellowship!

Help us with the campaign to promote Dixie! Click here to support the #Dixie2017 Thunderclap campaign.

When and Where

The 2017 SR-5 Dixie Fellowship will be held on the weekend of April 28 – 30, 2017 at Camp Barstow, Batesburg, SC. The mailing and physical address of Camp Barstow is 117 Camp Barstow Drive, Batesburg, SC 29006 (lat 34.0625 lon -81.6011).


As we enter into the Order’s second century of service, we want to encourage Arrowmen in SR-5 to remember our rich heritage while focusing on our bright future.  In keeping with this, the 2017 Dixie Fellowship theme will be, “Whispers of the Past, A Vision of the Future”.

Health and Safety

Each delegate is responsible for filling out and turning in a BSA medical form (BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A and B).  A doctor’s examination is not required.  No delegate may attend the Dixie Fellowship without the medical form.  All medical forms will be turned in by each lodge’s Key 3 at check-in upon arrival at the Dixie Fellowship.

Medical personnel will be on-hand the entire weekend and arrangements have been made with local hospitals in case of an emergency. Camp Barstow’s emergency phone number is (864) 445-4991 – please only use in an emergency.  Family members of delegates should be instructed that their lodge leadership is the first contact for emergencies.

Each lodge is encouraged to bring a First Aid kit for their campsite.

Camping Arrangements

Each lodge will be assigned a campsite prior to arrival.  Campsite assignments will be made based on two criteria: (1) the size of the delegation and campsite capacity, (2) the timeliness of the payment of registration fees and pre-orders.  Restroom facilities will be available throughout camp.  Shower facilities are also available.  All campsites have shelters, electricity, and Adirondacks.  The size of the expected delegations far exceeds the capacity of the Adirondacks, so it will be necessary for many delegates to bring tents or hammocks.  After campsite assignments are made, lodge leadership will be informed of the Adirondack capacity for their designated campsite.

If any delegates desire to bring their own golf carts or other similar transportation devices, you must ask for approval of the Service Lodge by March 31, 2017.

Dining Arrangements

All meals will be prepared at the camp’s Dining Hall.  Delegates will dine in the designated areas in and around the Dining Hall.  Lodges with delegates with special dietary needs should report full details to the Service Lodge by March 15 and we will make every effort to accommodate.

In keeping with the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace ethic, we are making a conscious effort to make the Dixie Fellowship a “green” event, reducing the use of styrofoam and other difficult to recycle materials.  Each delegate will be provided with a water bottle in their “ditty bag.”  This bottle will be your meal ticket and should be used for beverages.  We will also have recycling containers throughout camp and will be promoting composting of food waste as appropriate.


We will have very limited parking available.  Please carpool as much as possible in order to conserve space.  We request that each lodge plan their transportation in such a way that they bring not more than one vehicle for every four delegates.  We reserve the right to issue and require vehicle passes to enforce this ratio.

Upon arrival at camp, each delegation will offload their gear at a designated area.  The Service Lodge will transport the gear to the assigned campsite.

Lodges may designate up to one vehicle and one trailer to remain parked in the campsite.  Parking permits provided for these vehicles/trailers must be displayed at all times.

Lodge Communication

Camp Barstow has fair to good cell reception throughout most of camp for most major carriers.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact the Lodge’s Dixie Coordinator and his advisers:

Joshua Butts, Dixie Coordinator                  

Brad Hutto, Dixie Adviser    

Tripp Clark, Associate Dixie Adviser