Check Out Your Campsite

All participants are asked to print and attach luggage tags (below) which designate their lodge and campsite to each of their bags and items.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Camp Barstow’s parking lot is relatively central to the camp with all campsites being a short walk. There are three options for getting personal and lodge gear to the campsite.
  1. Because of the close proximity of campsites, most will find it easiest to carry their gear to the campsite,
  2. We are asking Lodges to consolidate most of their gear onto one trailer which we will allow to be taken and left in their campsite. If a lodge does NOT have a trailer, we will make arrangements to provide one for them,
  3. The service lodge will provide gear transportation for any additional needs to transport gear to the campsite.  Roads in camp will be closed to all vehicle traffic (except a few designed vehicles) during Dixie.

2016 Camp Barstow Map 8.5 x 11 Photo

2016 Camp Barstow Map 8.5 x 11

2016 Camp Barstow Map 8.5 x 11 B&W

Muscogee Lodge (delegates) – Scoutcraft Area
Muscogee Luggage Delegate Tag: Luggage Tag 221

Muscogee Lodge (staff) – Staff Area
Muscogee Luggage Staff Tag: Luggage Tag STAFF

Eswau Huppeday Lodge
Eswau Huppeday Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 560

Unali’yi Lodge
Unali’yi Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 236

Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge
Itibapishe Iti Hollo Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 188

Skyuka Lodge
Skyuka Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 270

Tsali Lodge
Tsali Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 134

Santee Lodge
Santee Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 116

Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge
Atta Kulla Kulla Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 185

Catawba Lodge
Catawba Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 459

Bob White Lodge
Bob White Luggage Tag: Luggage Tag 87