National Vice Chief to Attend Dixie

2017-parker-talon-vc-200National Vice Chief Talon Parker will be attending the SR-5 Dixie Fellowship! Talon’s hometown is Elm City, NC, and is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Croatan Lodge. Talon was previously the section chief of SR-7B and this past summer, he was a foreman for the OA Ocean Adventure program at the Florida Sea Base. Stay tuned for other exciting news about the Dixie Fellowship!

Dixie 2017 Memorabilia

dixie2017-aiaPrices for 2017 Dixie Fellowship memorabilia were set on November 12th with the approval of the Dixie budget by the Council of Chiefs. All items are pictured here. Approved prices are: patch – $4, ghost patch – $4, chenille – $30, hat pin – $3, neckerchief – $15, mug – $9, t-shirt – $15 (all sizes), backpatch – $15, hat – $15, and our first-ever Section SR-5 belt buckle – $20. For several items, these are the lowest prices in several years!